• Interested to find out more about MOE Kindergartens? Visit the MOE Kindergartens’ Open Houses to find out more about the curriculum, programmes and facilities offered. Click here.
  • Starting primary school is a big step in your child’s life. Here are some tips to help you better prepare your child for a new school experience. Read more.
  • Outdoor experiences at the parks and natural areas can have a positive and long-lasting impact on your child. The Family Nature Pledge by NParks provides an excellent opportunity for the family to explore and experience nature in Singapore. Find out more here
  • Need some ideas on where to bring your child for some outdoor activities? Let's head to our parks and enjoy the outdoors! Read more.
  • When was the last time you had casual chat with your child? Sometimes, that one little question about his/her day in school makes a difference to your child. If we can make time to have a light conversation about his/her experiences and feelings, we can be that listening ear for them. You can light up your child's world. Read more.
  • Communicating with your children in their primary love language can help improve communication and strengthen the relationship between you and your children. It helps you to express your love in a way that is more meaningful to them. Read more.
  • How can we raise our children to become kind, compassionate and helpful? How do we develop their strength of character? Read more to find out! [Click here]
  • Building on Trust, Partnering As One

As a parent, you have a unique overview of the home and school environments that will greatly influence your child’s attitudes, beliefs, values and behaviour. You want the best for your child and to help your child get the most out of his/her school experience. 

As schools make the shift to 21 st century learning, today’s classrooms would differ greatly from what you remember of your classroom when you were a student. Guiding your child through this exciting educational journey is a wonderful privilege that parents and educators share. We invite you to navigate and access the resources and information on this website – a website intended to bring you into the shared journey of educating your child.

Last updated on 24 February 2015