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Parents’ Role in Education

What is school-home collaboration?

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Bringing up a child is a voyage, and as a parent, you are the key navigator of your child’s growth. His/her development is set primarily at home and in school, and when these two environments are attuned to each other, your child benefits the most. Working hand-in-hand with schools will help you better understand the needs and development of your child, so that you may give him/her the necessary family care, support and reinforcement at home.

The active participation of both parents and educators is what makes school-home collaboration such a simple, yet vital and powerful concept. A number of studies have connected 
school-home collaboration to better learning, healthy self-esteem, and more positive attitudes and behaviour in life. Your child’s development on the twin tracks of school and home will help maximise his/her potential in life.

What makes a fully-engaged parent?

Concerned parents often ask: “Do I need to volunteer long hours in my child’s school to be considered a fully-engaged parent?” The answer is no; there are many types of involvement and support that parents can give, and you do not necessarily have to devote long hours of your time to be fully-engaged in your child’s education.

Simply put, fully-engaged parents are parents who recognise that effective parenting cannot occur in isolation from the school. Hence, they partner the school as best they can to ensure their child’s development is on track.
Last updated on 27 March 2014